What are my responsibilities as a resident?

  • Residential customers will have a three cart program consisting of “Trash” (gray bin), “Recyclables” (blue bin), and “Organics” (green bin). All organic materials collected by residents will need to be bagged separately. Each resident will receive a small 2-gallon organics container to collect food scraps; they will need to line it with a two gallon plastic bag, tie it off and place it in the green cart when full.
  • Multi-family housing units that utilize community dumpsters will receive dedicated community organics bins.


What are my responsibilities as a business?

  • Any business with 2-cubic yards of trash per week is required to recycle organics and food waste.
  • Food service businesses must donate edible food to food recovery organizations with others starting in 2024. This will help feed the almost 1 in 4 Californians without enough to eat.
  • California has a goal to redirect 20% of edible food currently thrown away to people in need by 2025.

Self-Haulers (contractors, construction workers, landscapers, etc.)

What are my responsibilities as a self-hauler?

  • Self-haulers will need to ensure all organic compostable materials — such as hedge and tree trimmings, cardboards, wood scraps, etc. — are separated from landfill materials and properly disposed of. A permit will be required to report to the City.